A part-time Barbarian.

“Mind your money and your woman.”- A very wise old man in his 60's.

Ethimus, the barbarian lived with a cohort of his alliance. Brawling, shouting, and intimidation were the way of the barbarian. In the land of Wonder, Culture was slowly grappling Ethimus to become a “cultured man”. Ethimus could sense the presence of this invisible force when his harmen expected him to choose only one of them.

One day, The god of wonder, Brook, played a trick upon Ethimus. The god teleported Ethimus to a different time, to a different place. Ethimus was now in London. Chivalry was transitioning into the time of the new Gentleman.

Unfamiliar with this culture, Ethimus began howling and hurdling, expressing his raw emotion of uncertainty. Aloof a distance, The god of wonder was laughing at Ethimus, thinking how he fooled, the barbarian.

The policemen gathered and surrounded the naked man. Surprised by this bizarre behavior, they tried to pin Ethimus and bring him to the station. But they were no match for Ethimus. He tossed and hulled policemen as if a kid playing with his toys. Ethimus’s muscular arms and monstrous thighs destroyed the squad of policemen.

Among the spectators was a young man who was standing still and observing Ethimus. Seneca, the young man, was one of Brook’s earlier tricks. Unbeknown, this young man was no ordinary man. He was Seneca, the wise.

Seneca wanted to get back to his previous time and to teach Brook a lesson. Seneca had finally found the perfect tool, Ethimus, the barbarian.

Seneca knew many skills among them was Persuasion. Seneca dissolved the struggle and brought Ethimus into his home.

Huffing and puffing the barbarian looked straight in the eyes of Seneca, wondering who this person is. Seneca had just finished preparing his pieces together.

To be continued…

Part-time Barbarian is an amphibious approach to life choices. The emphasis is on survival. Any and every subject can apply this to their benefit. From career to hobby, sex to spirituality, asset allocations to how to spend, a part-time barbarian is an approach, not a philosophy.

Contagious skills.

I do not agree with the saying, jack of all but the king of none. It gives you a strict model of generalist vs specialist dynamics. But if you evaluate it, it is equally important to become a generalist as well as a specialist. But we have been sold a narrative of Jack of all but a king of none. I introduce you to a different model.

Contagious skills.

Skills that transmute to different aspects of one’s life.

I will not explain much in detail about what it is Simply, it manifests boldly into different aspects. But I will share with you what contagious skills I am working on.

Computer Programming, Body Building, Animations, Ballroom Dance, Writing, Philosophy, Voice over acting.

It is sensual to be wise. It is wise to be sensual.

This is my wish & my blessing, may you find who you truly are & express it to the world.

Lots of Love, Chao.

Among the infinite Wisdom, I am lost. An admirer of knowledge & Virtue, a lover of curiosity. Part-Time Barbarian. https://parttimebarbarian.netlify.app/home