A story of Giving.

The wise man does not lay up his own treasures. The more he gives to others, the more he has for his own.” — Lao Tzu;

When I was a kid back in Nepal, saints with a yellow shawl would come to the door and ask for bhikshaya(food). They had a small stick for meditation and a basket for collecting foods. They used to knock on the door and shout out bhikshaya. And people used to come outside to give food. My house used to be five-storied so I could see them from the top.

Every time I heard them coming I left everything and I used to run to the balcony just to see them. They were old, fragile, skinny, dark-skinned men, with stony eyes and thunderous voice. There was something charming about these men. Abandoning social security, they were in search. In search of something or someone. I was mesmerized by their courage to throw away the very security which I saw everyone chasing.

My mother used to fill a bag with rice, fruits, and money. I used to run downstairs with my top speed to give the food and money. I opened the door and gave them the food. Before leaving the saints used to bless me.

Now, this was the most special part. Every time they blessed me, they put their palm over my head and whispered. It felt calm and serene. It felt good. This was the moment I was chasing. This felt good, like really good. I felt grateful towards them, not because I gave them something, I totally forgot about giving. What I experienced was, I was receiving something, something much more precious. Something intangible, but I knew it had a deeper impact on my life. A similar experience can be felt when senior people from my family bless me with kind words. Receiving these blessings makes me euphoric.

As these holy men left, I saw them turning their back and kept moving. There was a sense of love trying to express. I think this feeling of attachment was trying to say, “Be safe & may you find what you have been looking for”.

Sometimes when I looked from the balcony, I saw some people trash taking these people. It made me feel really sad, but these men never spoke a word of resentment. They quietly moved to another house for bhikshaya. This experience taught me a very valuable lesson which I will never forget. That is, “If you cannot give love, then don’t give hate either. We don’t know about their story.”

It feels good when you are giving and being grateful. Thank you, dear reader, for reading my story, I am truly grateful for you. I do not need anything from you for you have given your attention to me already. That is more than I can ask.

Lastly, let me share a story that is very simple but powerful. I will give you a different perspective on yourself.

Once upon a time, in a land far away there lived two villagers. They both died and were in heaven before god. God asked the first one, “What do you want?” The first farmer said, “What kind of life did you give me? It was worthless. I worked all my life, without really enjoying it. The money I earned was all taken from me by others. I hated this life. In my next life, I wish I could only receive, receive and receive. I don’t want to give anything to anyone”. The god said, “So be it”.

The next farmer was asked the same question by the god, “What do you want?”. The farmer replied, “God what can I ask? you gave me a good life, a good family, I lived in a happy village. I had everything. I never slept empty stomach. But I have one regret in my life”. God asked, “What is it?”. The farmer said, “God, whenever a beggar begged for food, I couldn’t give them anything. I wish I could give, give & give. Do this, in my next life, make me capable enough that no one would leave me feeling empty”. The god replied, “So be it”.

In their next life, the two farmers were born in the same village. The first one who asked to only receive, receive and receive, became the biggest beggar of the village. And the next farmer who asked to only give, give and give, became the richest man in the village.

Moral of the story, “Do you want to give or receive ?”

Credit: Sandeep Maheswari, My ideal who lives life full of life.

I sometimes think, what’s the point of me writing these blogs who is gonna read it? let me just stop it. But then I see a boy like me full of excitement, who wants to be someone, do something in life. And the only thing he needs is that little push from someone. I write it for him. Thank you so much, my reader, for staying with me till the end. We can learn anything for anyone, anywhere and anytime. Till next time, lots of love, Chao.



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Manoj Pun Tilija

Manoj Pun Tilija

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