Choose your own dam subjects.

“You are yet to catch up with the real world if you’ve never studied any concepts outside the school syllabus or read any books beside the texts books school forced you to read. Most people are just programmed not educated”
Nicky Verd

How much is enough? How much education is enough for you to stop learning? Is completing a graduation end of the learning process?

To tell you the truth, You know the answers but you don’t like it.

Here, let me put is straight. NEVER.

You never stop learning after school. You never stop learning after school.

The root of this mindset was when “smart” people told us to “finish” school, “finish” college, “finish” education.

How stupid is this modeling? Show me the finish line and I will run. This is the phenomenon, we call when a rabbit chases a hanging carrot.

Now there are broadly two types of people surrounding me. First, the go-getter, I am gonna finish college, get a job, do my IRA, save, travel, have fun, and retire. Second, I suck at education, so that means the education system is dumb. Well, there are two more types of people around me. The third is like a plastic bag, they drift the gust of life and end nowhere. But fourth, very few know about what really matters in life? and are straight forward and silent.

Now your job is to identify yourself and drag yourself to the position where you can see what really matters?

The inspiration to write this article came about from reading the book “Anti-fragile” by Nassim Taleb. As I was going through the chapters I realize, it’s complex I must go over it again.

But a subtle voice within me said, “What are you gonna do about it?”. It instantly broke my flow and I realized, “WTF”. What am I gonna do about it? There have been books that questioned my perspective but this was the first realization that penetrated me deeply. What am I gonna do about it?

So let me ask you the same question I had,

“What are you gonna do about it?”

School and college start with a generalized audience then transfer them to train in a specialized subject. This for me is a problem because you cannot walk the walk with you looking only in the right direction. Life is much broader than this, Left, up and down.

So my take with this article is to educate yourself.

I promise will never graduate, but you will be rewarded with lessons every step of your life.

So how should one start about with their education?

The first step is to be responsible. Be responsible for yourself first and foremost. Forget about your friends and family. Be strong first then think about others. Because if you try and help in a state of helplessness you create more calamities.

The word responsible is made up of response and ability i.e: The ability to respond. Don’t mix duty with responsibility. Responsibility represents the free will to choose and the power of change. You can choose to change your current situation.

I know you have your interest, passion, gut-feel, school curriculum, and try out. That’s all good but not enough.

Now let me be direct, What to study?

Study about Economics.

I know it was sudden. But I realized this subject has a history, politics, investment, entrepreneurship, math, psychology, and ethics.

You and I are part of an economy.

It makes you question the real question. What is the difference between money and currency? Why are wars profitable for some people? Why are crimes increasing? Why are people having a consumer mindset? Why is inflation necessary? What are the institutes of education, money, and health? Do they really practice their fiduciary duties?

Asking the essential question leads us to essential answers.

This is my wish & my blessing, may you find who you truly are & express it to the world.

Lots of Love, Chao.



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Manoj Pun Tilija

Manoj Pun Tilija

Among the infinite Wisdom, I am lost. An admirer of knowledge & Virtue, a lover of curiosity. A Part-Time Barbarian.