Mission: 0ne Life

Knowing our personal mission further enhances the flow of mysterious coincidences as we are guided toward our destinies. First, we have a question, then dreams, daydreams, and intuitions lead us toward the answers, which usually are synchronistically provided by the wisdom of another human being.James Redfield

It’s one of those time when realize you have the power to create your world. Now I am not talking about changing the whole outer crust of the planet earth. I am talking about how you feel within, how you define yourself within.

So if you are like me, you probably had a feeling when you realize the world that you create is your choice.

Now let me be honest. I am in no position to tell you that I am a successful person by conventional measures or I will guarantee I will reach the presumed level of success in my life. Right now, at this very moment, It really doesn’t matter.

No one can rob me of my dreams at this very moment. I am in a state where you feel exactly what you would feel when you define yourself to be successful. I would encourage you to not let anyone rob you of your dreams.

Now in no manner or form, I am trying to portray a false image that I am a successful person. And honestly, I am not. I don’t have big saving, I don’t have a big mansion, I have no jets, I have no business, I am basically out of business. Hahaha….. So why am I writing this article?

It’s because I am tired of chasing success. I am tired of telling myself someday in the future I will be successful, Someday in the future I will be happy, Someday in the future, I will be rich. My question to myself was, “When is this Someday in the future? ”. And as a matter of fact, I will ask you, “When is this someday in the future of yours?”

I am starting to realize that this state called success, is not a permanent or a steady state. It a state where you need to carefully maintain a balance. It changes from today to tomorrow, now to later. So if you are like me in any way, please stop. Please stop chasing after success.

But don’t stop taking action towards your dreams. Success and dreams are different subjects.

Success is how others define you, Dreams are how you define yourself.

Success gets in the way of your dreams. And failures too if you let it. Now I realize why Success and failures are both hindrances in our pursuit of happiness.

My dream is to become authentic, humorous and powerful in my own ways. And let others be in theirs.

I am on a mission to discover, understand, appreciate and express myself. And along the journey inspire others to be honest with themselves.

Now it doesn’t mean disregard money, fortune or knowledge. As a matter of fact, It’s the opposite. It means loving and respect money, fortune, and knowledge. Acquire knowledge, to create wealth to become fortunate. Become strong so you are capable of helping.

But I know what you must be thinking, “This is one of those idealists who believe in utopia.”. Trust me I used to tell the same thing whenever I heard these words from others. And I am not here to argue with you.

I am not able to help you with wealth, I am not able to help you with specific knowledge. Heck, I don’t have a spell to cure COVID. But I have a few words. All I have are these few words that can come in hand to someone who is willing to find answers.

Now I am not telling you, “I have found the answers”. I am telling you I am in the same boat as you, just trying to find some answers.

You see I am on a mission. And it’s not a mission to change or inspire this world. The mission to transform myself.

As the saying goes, “Change yourself and the world will change itself.”

This is my wish & my blessing, may you find who you truly are & express it to the world.

Lots of Love, Chao.



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Manoj Pun Tilija

Manoj Pun Tilija

Among the infinite Wisdom, I am lost. An admirer of knowledge & Virtue, a lover of curiosity. A Part-Time Barbarian. https://www.parttimebarbarian.com