This will not change your life.

“Have an equal fascination to learn from a prostitute, a philosopher and a pioneer. They teach important lessons in life.”-Manoj Pun

Before making any big claims, Here’s a disclaimer alert: “In no manner or form am I suggesting to be an authority. Any thoughts or ideas shared by this author should be applied at one’s own risk.” Basically, these are my interpretation of models I use and you can too, if you want to. Just don’t come at me crying around for help.

Here are 5 important needs of everyone's life. You need to correct it, YOURSELF. I am not gonna root for you. You are on your own. If you at least take good attention to these 5 needs of yourself, you will be fine. Don’t ask me why 5. Because that’s what I have.

Responsibility (Security)




Spontaneity (Randomness)

1: Responsibility:

You need money to survive and thrive. Go practice Minimalism. And shun consumerism. Don’t jerk your precious time watching Netflix series of some robbery or time travel. Spend less than you earn, Save more than you spend. You can do your own thing but it’s a serious amount of work. Most of us will need to lick someone else’s boots. So, Get a job. Get more skills or upgrade your current skills to get paid more. That’s it. You need security and optionality in life to Thrive.


You need a reason to live. Do not include your family or kids. Every animal can do that. You need a reason to live. A mission in life that you want to fulfill. This sense of purpose gives you direction. Ask a woman, when she falls for him, “It’s when other men want to be and other women want to be with”. You have to have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in chasing the place no one dares to venture. Some find it in their work (Lucky bastards), some find it in their church or community (I’ll give them a pat). But you need a reason to live.


I don’t have to tell you, your health matters, do I? Similarly, I don’t have to tell you not to consume refined sugar, cheap carbs, or anything modern with a wrapper or a box. I don’t think I need to tell you no screen time before bed, to wake up without an alarm clock, to not eat for a day, to walk frequently on irregular surfaces, to sprint sometimes, and to lift heavy weights often. It’s when we get sick or get diagnosed with a compounded dis-ease we finally realize we are fucked. Congratulation, you are uncurable. Without a healthy body and a functioning mind, we could call ourselves sloths. An imbecile to humans. Of course, you are far better than this, right?


There was this story of the greatest devotee. A rich Flâneur who was riding with a harem of voluptuous woman surrounding him. It might sound crazy at first but repeat the story, how is this possible? why is this possible? Reflection in one’s life is as important as healthy food. You can take a long walk, sit quietly, hire a psychologist, engage in a progressive argument, or even write it down. The intention is to bring the attention inwards and attempts to lay it out and observe the options. Choose one and move along, adjust, tweak and change according to the change in context. The rituals are important because it drives the attention to THIS…... This moment.

5: Spontaneity:

Ride a bike, take ballroom classes, create your own animation studio, rock climb, start a writing blog, take a cold shower, go on a fancy dinner or just look at a falling leaf. The intention is to let go of your guilt. We, humans, tend to fall into a guilt trap. Anything done for our pleasure, our sake makes us feel guilty. I should not have spent money on this, I could have helped my family or my friend in need.

Fuck you. If you do not take care of your own needs and be intentional and clear with people surrounding you, you will accumulate passive aggression. It will burst one day. And the last thing you want is to dump all you aggression towards the people you love. So be selfish about it. Take ownership of it.

You should let loose once in a while. You’ve earned it.

This will not change your life because you will. You will take the necessary steps and reap the benefit. What will I get? I will get to bask in your praise if this article helps you in any way.

Remember we live in a finite time, choose wisely. We don’t have much time on this spinning planet. Let the new leaves blossom.

This is my wish & my blessing, may you find who you truly are & express it to the world.

Lots of Love, Chao.