When Mr. Uptight pretends to be a Hippe Brah.

“Look at it. Isn’t Nature amazing?” Ron Swanson.

Abdul and Mullah are brothers. The story is about contradicting personalities within a house. Abdul is responsible and hustles to make money. His switch is always on. Mullah is calm and even too much easygoing with life. His switch is off, well most of the time.

Abdul: Why didn’t you try harder? They wanted to see your commitment in our salwar. Explain more about where the product is from, how we made it and why it is expensive. You need to try harder Mullah.

Mullah: Come on brother. Take it easy. Allah is here.

Abdul: Allah is not going to give you food, it is our responsibility to find them.

Mullah: Brother, why so serious? We have enough wealth. Slow down.

Abdul: Mullah, enough is not enough. We need more for the future.

Mullah: Brother, take it easy. Chill.

Abdul: Chill!!! You rascal. You are telling me to chill? Get back to work and stop slacking.

Abdul is Jealous of Mullah’s carefree perspective, and mullah admires his brother’s wisdom. There is a conflict within.

Was it a quarrel between two brothers or an internal struggle within you?

We have this want to have fun but understand the need to make a living.

Most of us are not even recognizing this conflict of want and need.

You want to go on vacation, but you need to work. You want to party but you need to practice. You want to be free but you need to survive.

From the outskirts, people look at me like someone who is relaxed and sensitive. What they don’t see is I pretend.

I pretend to be a hippie.

In reality, I am calculating, and devise new strategies. Did you really think I use the same ending tagline for no reason?

I live a calculated life but created a face of frivolousness.

Now, this is not the right way to go?

How do I know? Because there is turmoil within and out.

We cannot live a life of only responsibility which is chaos and stress.

We cannot live a life only immaturity which is chaos and stress.

So what do we do? Live a balanced life? How does that work? 50/50?

Let me remind the five aspects of life: Responsibility, Health, Purpose, Creativity, and spontaneity.

You do not have to allocate equal time, money, and energy to every aspect.

You can invest a majority of your resources into Responsibility and spend a minute or 5 on spontaneous activities like looking at a clock.

You are not my responsibility. You carry your own weight. Once you are competent, come to me. We will have tea together.

This is my wish & my blessing, may you find who you truly are & express it to the world.

Lots of Love, Chao.



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Manoj Pun Tilija

Manoj Pun Tilija

Among the infinite Wisdom, I am lost. An admirer of knowledge & Virtue, a lover of curiosity. A Part-Time Barbarian. https://www.parttimebarbarian.com